Miley Cyrus’ subtle (or not so subtle) political protest message in her new song released by Mark Ronson

Most of us have heard the big political protest singers or songs from artists such as John Lennon, Phil Collins, and even The Beatles. These songs mainly cover topics such as war, environmentalism or feminism.

Although, Miley Cyrus never declared herself a protest singer she did mention during an older interview that she wants to use her voice and vast audience to promote positive change.

She has been using her songs and fashion sense over the last years to portrait freedom, righteousness and bravery in today’s political climate.

Her most recent song “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”, in fact the first published song on Mark Ronsons album, portraits clergymen in a strip club, children shooting at outlines of other children on shooting range posters, references a ‘burning house’, and hints to our over-consuming society and the ‘Black Friday’ mania. While the lyrics ‘Nothing breaks like a heart’ keep repeating as refrain the last refrain ends with the lyrics ‘Nothing prays like a heart’.

Miley and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth were part of those that lost their home a couple of weeks ago to the Malibu Widlfire. During these events she informed her fans on IG Stories about her and her families wellbeing, their loss but also the importance of the memories made at their home that will be kept alive forever. Shortly after this she deleted her entire Instagram feed.

Miley Cyrus establishes the Happy Hippie foundation for LGBTQ communities, youth homelessness and other vulnerable populations in 2014. She performed her song ‘The Climb’ during the 2018 Walk for our lives march in Washington D.C (the biggest protest in the capital since the protest against the Vietnam era). Among her numberous initiatives she also dedicated her song ‘Inspire’ to the people of Manchester and those involved in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 during her performance at the ‘One Love Manchester’ benefit concert.