Eco-Stay Bali: Bambu Indah boutique hotel in Ubud


Ubud, Bali - This Summer, for our first trip together, we decided to visit the beautiful island of Bali. We had both wanted to go for years and given the end of our Master degrees in Boston/London the idea of leaving the city life behind and reconnecting with nature sounded very tempting. Our first stop was the Bambu Indah boutique hotel in Ubud. We choose this place since, as the name says, the entire place was made out of bamboo. Due to our (inconvenient) habit of planning trips very short in advance and the popularity of Bali during the summer months we were lucky that the Jawa Lama House was still available for three nights. Denom had checked in earlier this morning and guided me through the darkness of the night in this natural eco-resort. As we approached our uniquely build cottage ‘Jawah Lama House’ he warned me saying ‘the doors do not lock from the outside’. They do however lock from the inside, and so we spent the first night sleeping in our bamboo hut in the middle of the jungle.

What to do

While there is plenty to do and explore in the Bambu Indah resort and area of Ubud Bambu Indah can assist you with organising special trips, events and getting you involved. Some of their offers are visiting the Kul Kul farm where you can even make take part in a home apothecary workshop, enjoy a balinese massage, blessing and other ceremonies, take part in trash and villages walks, and different hikes.

You can also visit the Green School, Green Village, John Hardy jewellery factory, and visit a bamboo factory.

We enjoyed our stay here so much, we will be definitely coming back even if its just for a day.



We had planned literally every day for this trip full of acitivies so that we are able to see and experience as much possible of what the island of Bali has to offer. But first coffee .. and breakfast.

The complimentary breakfast in the Bambu Kitchen Restaurant offered a variety of locally sourced fruits, coffee , Indonesian dishes and other beverages. With an organic kebun (garden) that is nurtured with natural fertilisers i.e. compost from organic waste, they grow most vegetables, rice, flowers and herbs on site. It was a truly great experience looking out at the endless nature and seeing the baskets of ingredients being delivered to the kitchen and laid out in front of us.

The Resort

Bambu Indah was founded in 2005 by John and Cynthia Hardy who decided to bring over and restore 11 antique Javanese bridal houses. The initial idea was to host their close friends and family in these houses. The resort combines a feeling of luxury and comfort while following a responsible lifestyle. Read more on their water system, organic bath products, swimming pools and ponds, waste and recycling, air conditioning and fans, light pollution and sustainable design here.