This Weeks Sustainable Boho Brands

So, this Blog article will be a little different. I have recently asked on my Instagram poll if you guys would be interested with me sharing some sustainable brands for summer clothing. Personally, this is my favourite. I am obsessed with all Boho Inspired Sustainable Fashion brands, and I reckon that about 90% of them if not more are from Australia. It has gotten to the point that I do not even buy winter clothing anymore because I am not attracted by trends and just want a big fluffy sweater to keep me warm (I spend as little time possible outdoors as soon as the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius hence I do not go shopping). This winter I bought one pair of pants and got one pair of sweatpants from People Tree and two sweaters gifted. That is all!

However, this does not exclude the summer boho clothes that I started stocking up on for Nepal and Indonesia.

Lets get started with my favourite brands I have actually bought myself and worn! Psscht … A lot of items are currently on sale because remember - our winter is their summer !

1. Arnhem Clothing

So, the first brand ins Arnhem Clothing. I got the ‘Sorrento’ Pants in the Pistachio which you can see on beautiful Elise Cook below. They are currenlty on sale for 70€ and made of 100% tencel. I have not worn them yet because it is wayyy to cold right now but I tried them on and they are very comfortable and breathable yet not see-through! The reason I bought these pants is because I will be spending some time in India and Nepal and wanted a long pair of pants given that these cultures can be quite traditional depending on where you travel to.

Arnhem Clothing was founded by Arnhem Bickley and if anybody can should themselves as a true gypsy it would be her. She spent most of her childhood travelling the world, partly living in teepees without any electricity. Without any schooling taking up her days until teenage years and a heightened sense of creativity she began showing clothes for her dolls at the age of four. Her designs reflect the summer nostalgia with bohemian and bright colourful prints.

2. Hazel + Folk

The next brand - a brand I have two dresses and one top from - is Hazel + Folk. A friend of mine told me about this brand last summer and I decided to give it a shot and buy a summer dress from them. I wore it in Bali and I loved it ! I went back and bought a second dress and a crop top that I have not worn yet for the same reasons as mentioned above with Arnhem - it is too cold. The items I own are made of 100% cotton or 100% rayon, which are both biodegradable and breathable fabrics. The dress in the image below is currently 79€ and their website also offer fortnightly interest-free payments via afterpay.

3. Posse

The last but definitely not least brand of this week is Posse. Their designs represent a timeless French vibe and are handmade in Bali. The women that make these shirts make them in the comfort of their own home allowing them to work at their own pace while raising their families. I own three tops and one pair of shorts from them and I wear them on repeat. Especially, their Lula Shirt and Ducky Shorts that you can see in the image below. They offer their designs in a lot of colours, which I believe are naturally dyed and mainly made of Linen which is my absolute favourite fabric next to organic silk!

So yeah, these are three of my favourite sustainable boho brands. I hope I can inspire you to buy better quality items and beautiful designs while supporting the planet and/or the people that make them.

Next week, I will be sharing some more brands so stay on the radar!