Take time to do what makes your soul happy

Today I took some time to reflect on what brings me joy in life. Prior to this I cleaned my entire room. I believe that having an organised external environment allows us to reflect better and sort our inner feelings and tackle our minds pressing issues more clearly.

With so much external noise influencing our minds in our everyday lives the lines between our own internal desires and those created by external influences can get blurred. Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that every experience you encounter and every new and different world view is wrong and have a negative impact. Moreover, it is important to question and filter in the midst all of the noise which dreams, hopes and desires are really our own. How do they serve us? Do they bring us closer to what makes us happy? Will it still matter to us down the road? And, why exactly to we ‘want’ xyz?

I put a list together to be able to come back to it and remind myself what brings me most joy in life and also with the intention to extend and edit it when given. I also hope to encourage you to try making a list like this yourself for harder times or just for the purpose of refocusing and recenter.

After all, and I read this quote today, you are what you love and not what loves you.


The list of things that make me happy - Marie’s list

  1. my friends, family and boyfriend

  2. writing, reading, poetry

  3. styling, interior decorating, a cozy home

  4. outdoors, nature, sunshine on my skin, warm breezes, architecture, travelling, photos, tropical places, exploring cultures

  5. workouts, especially abs, yoga, balancing mind … and body

  6. eating healthy, eating unhealthy, cooking, asian cuisine 

  7. working with people, kind people, being compassionate, animals, the ability to show and feel empathy 

  8. water, the ocean, the beach, cliffs, waves, sand in your toes, sunshine, waterfalls

  9. long mornings in bed, coffee and tea

  10. the movies, dinners, eating out, street food, street art, music, dancing

  11. boho vibes, vintage finds, summer dresses, unique finds such as jewellery boxes, sustainable fabrics, cozy sweaters, boutiques, my boho bags, gold jewellery

  12. flowers, trees, plants

  13. holistic and spiritual beauty, buddhism, self care

  14. massages, spa days

  15. motorboats, motorbikes, sailing, biking

  16. painting, art galleries, musicals, theatre plays

  17. dress up parties, bonfires and fireworks

  18. early nights and early mornings

  19. documentaries, soap operas, reality TV, Stranger Things

  20. christmas and halloween

  21. hiking, walks around town, independent cafes and  restaurants 

  22. a warm shower, my hair (even if its tends to drive me mad)

  23. the moon and universe

  24. road trips, fruit trees, farms

  25. horseback riding and skiing

  26. notebooks, tea, warm blankets

  27. lemons, avocado, sushi (its hard to give this up for my right now trying to go vegan)