3 Vegan Materials you need to be aware of!

Image source:   unsplash.com

Image source: unsplash.com

“Every year, millions of animals are killed for the clothing industry—all in the name of fashion.” according to the PETA.” I usually avoid shocking and scaring readers but this time I will. I believe that people refuse to see what their love for Italian leather shoes and wool jumpers implies. 

In this article, I want to raise awareness and prove that we could use vegan alternatives instead of 100% cruel materials. We might think that it is a hassle to find vegan fashion options but it is not. 

Other arguments to support “traditional” materials is that they are better quality. For instance, you might trust that faux leather looks fake and cannot last long. People also tend to believe that a non-woolen jumper is not warm enough and make them stinky.  

Well it is wrong! I will show here that it is easy to switch to a vegan closet if you are a bit curious. So keep on reading!

Why Vegan Materials?

If you wonder why the fashion industry should go for vegan materials, let me explain.

  • Leather is skin

  • Fur, wool and feathers are what we could call an animals’ hair

  • Any idea about how we produce luxurious and soft silk? We boil the cocoon of the larvae, with the larvae inside and alive.

Enough with definitions and allegories, time to let figures “speak” for themselves. The below are the amount per year.

  • In the USA, 4 million animals are killed for fur.

  • Fur farms still exist in countries such as Finland, Ireland, Austria and much more. They kill more than 50 million animals

  • Tens of millions of larva are boiled alive for silk 

Find the source article here for more details.

Now that I horrified everyone and killed general mood, I can share good news :) You do not have to kill anyone to look gorgeous and be trendy. Reading around and be open to new materials will do the trick. Below are a few of my favorite materials because they are vegan, ethical and also better for the environment

Vegan Alternatives

PU-based faux leather


I have not tried this last one yet but I cannot wait to do it. I still decided to introduce it to you because I love the concept and I believe it deserves all your attention. 

SeaCell is made from Seaweed. Unexpected I know so keep on reading and you will be even more amazed!

That vegan fabric comes from brown algae that are crushed, grounded and introduced into cellulose fiber. 

Not only, it keeps you warm during winter and cool during summer but it is also miraculous to your skin. Indeed, all the properties of this material can be transferred to your skin. Thus, it keeps it soft, detoxifies your body and it is not itchy. Why would we go for wool, seriously? 

PU-based faux leather is my number one “fake” leather. Indeed, there are a few out there with their own pros and cons. I love this one because it is breathable, it looks like real leather, it is affordable and it lasts over time. 

The manufacturers produce it by coating other fabrics, like cotton, with a polymer. Then, they decorate it so it looks like real leather. 

Finally, I prefer Polyurethane (PU) to other fake leather because it is greener. Less chemicals are produced during the process. Read more about what is faux leather on my blog!

Soy Silk

Instead of boiling bugs alive, even though I am not a big fan of those, I would rather use Soy silk. As the name suggests, it looks like silk but made of soybean fiber. We collect those fibers from the processing of soy-based food such as tofu. The residues would go to waste if we do not keep them to produce that fabric. 

Therefore, soy silk is 100% vegan and sustainable

If you already tried, please let me know, I would love to read your feedbacks!

Here are only 3 vegan and ecofriendly fabrics I thought were interested to share but I could add to the list organic cotton and bamboo that are more “traditional”. 

We are very lucky to live in the 21st century where science meets nature and comes up with innovation quicker that we would need. There is no reason to wear dead animals anymore so let’s just place our efforts in being aware of the fashion progress too!

Guest post written by Marine Leclerc from Attitude Organic.