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Hi there! My name is Marie and I am a BBA & MA Fashion Graduate from Germany living in Czechia.

During my studies the topic of a sustainable, ethical, green, eco friendly (or whatever term you may find for it) fashion industry caught my interested. I decided to specialise in this topic and write my dissertation on it.

While I have always had an interest in a healthy and organic lifestyle, my recent travels allowed me to discover another side of it all. Eco-friendly resorts, what it means being involved in a local community, animal welfare and just reminding ourselves that nature has created us (among many others) as part of a holistic system.

This blog aims at educating, informing but mainly inspiring and showing the beautiful sides a more #CONCIOUSLIVING can bring to us.

‘You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it like a wave out of the ocean’ - Alan Watts

What you will find in this blog are boho, vintage and eco-friendly fashion guides, extraordinary projects with great stories behind them, inspiring travel destinations, and other lifestyle trends.